Workplace Shootings: Do You Know What To Do?

With today's unfortunate violence at a magazine office in France, we are reminded of the importance of workplace safety. Just as it was important and ingrained in us as children on what to do if the school’s fire alarm sounded, we have to always be ready to react appropriately in violent situations which might arise at our places of employment.

When you arrive at work, make sure you take a quick look around the parking lot. Look for anyone or anything which seems suspicious. Since you probably have parked in the same lot for a long time, you’ll know what seems right and what seems wrong. Listen to your instincts. Suspicious packages or vehicles, or people acting strangely, should be looked into. Call the police to report what you are seeing.

The Run, Hide, Fight Philosophy

Below are some tips on how to survive a workplace shooting, and actions you can take while involved in such an incident. 

Watch this great video about run, hide, fight


The first you hear or learn of a shooting occurring in your office, you need to evacuate immediately.

active shooter book coverClick here to download the Active Shooter booklet by the USDHS


If you are unable to escape, you need to hide.


If you are about to be confronted by the shooter, then as a last resort, fight.

active shooter poster250Click here to download the active shooter tip posterAs soon as possible, call 911 to report what is happening. Police officers, as well as other emergency services, will be on there way immediately.

If You’re Shot

In most cases, you can survive being shot, and you can also help someone who has been shot, so that they live through the incident. Remember to:

A Webinar For Employers

The United States Department of Homeland Security has done extensive research and training in the area of active shooter incidents. They have produced a webinar for Active Shooter Awareness for the workplace, which you can view here.