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Suspect Arrested By Azusa Police For Killing Cat


On Monday, April 2, 2018, at about 10 am, an informant came into the Azusa Police Department's lobby and reported that her cat had been killed by a roommate. An investigation was launched, with patrol officers responding to the 400 block of Oak Court in Azusa.

The investigating officers learned that Yifan Du (Age 27 of Azusa) had been disturbed by the cat's meowing during the early morning hours of 04/02/2018. Du requested the cat's owner bring the cat inside, in hopes it would stop meowing. The owner did this, and returned upstairs to go back to sleep. The owner was awakened by the sounds of something being hit, and when she went downstairs, found Du was violently harming the cat, causing the cat to die.

Based on the investigation, Du was arrested for felony animal cruelty charges, and transported to the Azusa Police Department's Jail. Du was released after making bail.

We would like to remind the community that the Azusa Police Department is committed to the protection of life and property, to include animals. If an animal is harmed in a criminal manner, we will conduct an investigation and seek charges, when appropriate. 

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