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The One Ring Phone Scam

The One Ring Phone Scam

Scam artists from overseas have come up with a clever scam to get money out of you.

Last week, the Better Business Bureau warned consumers about the "One Ring Phone Scam" occurring nationwide. Even law enforcement officers here in Los Angeles County have gotten phone calls from these scammers, so no one is immune.

In this scam, the thieves use computers to dial cell phone numbers here in the United States. They wait for just one ring, then hang-up.  Their hope is you will be curious who called you, and that you will try to call the number back.

Unfortunately, if you call back the number to find out who was trying to contact you, you'll be charged a $19.95 international phone fee, and depending how long you stay on the phone, an additional $9.95 per minute. Obviously, these charges are based on your carrier.

Our recommendation is to not call the number back. If it's a genuine person trying to get in touch with you for a legitimate purpose, they'll call back. When they do call, they'll make sure to let it ring more than once.


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