The men and women of the Azusa Police Department are vigilant in their pursuit of criminals and protection of the residents, business owners, and visitors of our great city.
The Azusa Police Department provides a wide array of services tailored to the needs of the dynamics of the population and infrastructure which make up the community.
The members of this department believe in communication with all members of our community, to foster strong relationships.
The Azusa Police Department prides itself on the level of professional service provided to everyone we meet on a daily basis.
Regardless of the time of day, the Azusa Police Department stands watch over the people who live, work, and play in our community.
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  • Vigilance
  • Service
  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication

Where Do You Live?

Your Neighborhood And The Azusa Police Department

Let's work together to keep your neighborhood crime-free and enjoyable for all. We've assigned a lieutenant to each of our Service Area Command sections in the city.

Do you have a continual problem in your neighborhood? Going on vacation and need us to check on the house? Maybe you don't understand why we did something. Or maybe you would like to commend one of our team members. Visit your SAC page today.


  • South of First Street
  • North of Arrow Highway
  • West of Barranca Avenue
  • East of Irwindale Avenue 

Visit SAC 1


  • South of The Mountains
  • North of First Street
  • West of Dalton Avenue
  • East of Irwindale Avenue

Visit SAC 2


  • South of The Mountains
  • North of First Street
  • East of Dalton Avenue
  • West of Barranca Avenue

Visit SAC 3

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"Professional Service To A Proud Community"