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Small Tip - Online Security

Small Tip - Online Security

Have you ever been asked to provide 3 to 5 answers to security questions, in the event you forgot your password? Questions like:

  • "Where did you attend high school?"
  • "In what city were you born?"
  • "Where were you married?"

Do you realize for as little as $9, a person can purchase this information on those so-called "background" websites? What about the information you list in your Facebook profile? Getting the answers to your secret questions is easy.

It's easy to correct this

Log into your accounts and change the answers to your secret questions to those that simply don't make sense. For example, the answer to where you attended high school should be, "purple sky," or "tacos." In other words, make it nearly impossible to guess by providing an answer that has nothing to do with the question.

How do you remember your answers?

There are several programs out there which will help you remember these questions. You can also do something which is foreign to a great many of us, which is to simply write down the answers!

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