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A Young Girl Was Tragically Killed A Few Years Ago. Azusa Police is Her Voice on Twitter

A Young Girl Was Tragically Killed A Few Years Ago. Azusa Police is Her Voice on Twitter

In an effort to draw attention to a very important topic, the Azusa Police Department's Social Media Team will be publishing a story on both social media and their website, on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

The story tells the last day of a girl's life, spoken from her perspective. Unfortunately, this girl was tragically killed in 2009. The social media team worked on this project with the girl's parents, who fully support the department's efforts in drawing attention to the senseless killing of their daughter.

At the point in the story that the girl dies, only then will her identity be revealed and how she was killed.

Ironically, the girl was going to college to become a journalist. Her dream job was to be a reporter. The department would appreciate any coverage the media could provide to draw attention to their message. Additionally, the department encourages all of those who follow on social media to share and retweet their messages, as it will take a partnership between the department and the social media world to bring awareness to her story.

Please contact Sgt. Xavier Torres or Lieutenant Mike Bertelsen at (626) 812-3200 for any questions you may have.

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