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Azusa PD Starts Operation "Chill"

Azusa PD Starts Operation "Chill"

We're Issuing Tickets To Kids

Starting July 24th, the Azusa Police Department will be kicking off "Operation Chill." Our police officers will be out in force issuing tickets to kids who are demonstrating good behavior. No warnings will be issued, and officers will not let any kids off the hook. We simply will not accept any excuses!

If you are a kid in Azusa, you might get a ticket for the following:

  • Following the rules of the house
  • Following the laws
  • Being a good citizen
  • Helping others
  • Participating in a positive activity in the community
  • Wearing your helmet while riding your bike or skateboard

What To Do WIth Your Ticket

The great part about these tickets is what you get. Take the ticket to any participating 7-Eleven in the United States, and you'll get your choice of one small Slurpee drink of any flavor!

Corporal Dean BrewerHow To Obtain Your Ticket

If you are one of our awesome kids here in Azusa, and you're doing the things mentioned above, just go up to one of our police officers and ask for a slurpee ticket.

But please remember the rules...

  • Don't approach an officer who is busy on a call or speaking to someone.
  • Wait for the officer to finish the call before approaching.
  • Don't ask the officer to stop his police car or cause a traffic hazard.
  • Don't run out into the roadway to the police car.

Why Are We Doing This?

The Azusa Police Department, in conjunction with the 7-Eleven Corporation, are proud to recognize those kids in our neighborhood who just "do the right thing." We want to encourage our future leaders in continuing to make good choices, and help foster a great relationship between our little residents and the men and women who work hard to keep them safe. 

Additionally, we want to encourage dialogue between kids and law enforcement officers in a non-threatening, non-enforcement type situation.

Mom And Dad - Share The Love!

We would love to have any pictures you have of your children being issued a ticket, so we can post it on our social media pages. Simply upload your pics here.

"Slurpee" is a registered trademark of 7-Eleven, Inc.



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