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Using Social Media Instead Of 911?

Using Social Media Instead Of 911?

Going viral right now is the story of Susann Stacy of Leslie County, Kentucky. Stacy used Facebook to get help after being beaten by her husband, who had also ripped the phone cord from the wall and she didn't have a signal on her cell phone.

fb laptopThere's No Guarantee With Social Media

We are really glad Stacy was able to get help through her posting on Facebook. She used the last and only resource she had, and it worked. It's another example of web technology coming to someone's rescue. Click here to read the news report about Stacy.

With that being said, we want to emphasize that dialing 911 is still the primary method of getting emergency help from the Azusa Police Department. Although we have embraced social media and we try to be frequently accessible to the public, there is no guarantee that we will be monitoring our social media channels when you send a message requesting help. 

If It's Your Only Option

If you do find yourself in a situation in which social media is the only way you can reach out for help, please remember the following:

  • If your attacker is also one of your “fans,” “friend” or “follower” on social media, he or she will know when you reach out for help. 
  • Choose a social media platform in which your posting will be seen by a large amount of people. If your life is in danger, don't worry about who will see your post. You’re banking on the fact the minute you post your plea for help, that someone will immediately see it and get help on the way.
  • Please give as much information about your location. In an emergency situation where time is critical, we need to know where to send our officers.

Reading A Request For Help

If you happen to be the one reading a post from someone requesting help, please take the time to do just that….help. Don't put it off to do later or spend precious moments discussing with your online friends about the situation. Call law enforcement immediately! 

If you know where the person is located, please call the law enforcement agency responsible for that area. If not, simply call your local law enforcement agency, so they can start getting help on the way.

If you are communicating with the victim, make sure to stay calm and be reassuring. By remaining calm and confident, you will give the best support to the victim that help is on the way.

Click here to learn more about the Azusa Police Department's Dispatch Center.


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