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  1. Casey Guillot
  2. Reports
  3. Saturday, May 30, 2015
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Hi, I had to get a guy's car towed from my parking space at my apartment complex earlier today, and he arrived as it was being loaded up on the truck and started making a scene; so the tow truck driver called the police for assistance. When the guy saw me walking around, he was quite verbally hostile toward me, such as cursing me (calling me a "big bitch" for example). I'm a pretty big guy, and the police were around; so I wasn't too concerned at that time. Also, the police officer (R. Martinez) gave me a case number for the incident report (15-17966). So I was hoping the drama was over.

As I was walking back to my apartment, however, I could hear this guy telling his sister that he was going to make my life "hell." This all happened around 6:30 PM. Then at 11:30 PM, as I was watching a movie, I hear my dead-bolted door being banged on very loudly twice, as if someone was trying to break the door down. When I went to look, I did not see anyone there, but given what happened earlier, I am pretty sure that it was that guy who got his car towed starting to try to make my life miserable.

So my question is: Is this the kind of thing I should report to police? Or should I just make note of the occurrences? For instance, I did e-mail my apartment manager about everything that happened, including the banging on the door. I am asking for advice because I am hesitant to call out an officer without having seen who banged on my door.

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Hi Casey,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

By all means, any time you want us to come out and check things out, simply call our non-emergency number at (626) 812-3200, or call 911 in an emergency. An officer will be dispatched to your location, and evaluate the circumstances.

Hope this helps you out!

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