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  1. Sandy Knudson
  2. Reports
  3. Wednesday, March 26, 2014
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I purchased an IPhone from someone from your community and I think it is stolen. Have you any reports of a stolen 5 or 5S? I have attempted to register the phone and it is linked to a yahoo account. I have asked the seller repeatedly to unlink it so I can activate it. I started getting hinky with the sale when it took him almost 3 weeks to send the purchased phone. I contacted Paypal and they reversed the payment so I am not out money but before I return this to him I want to be sure this is a clear phone so no one else goes through this same situation.

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Hi Sandy,

The best thing to do is bring the phone to our police station at 725 N. Alameda Avenue, and request to speak to an officer. This will allow us the opportunity to quickly determine the status of the phone. Thanks for your question!

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