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Azusa Police Arrest Package Thief Caught on Camera

Azusa Police Arrest Package Thief Caught on Camera

On 05/27/2016, the Azusa Police Department received a call regarding a package which had been stolen from the front porch of a residence in the 300 block of S. Pasadena Avenue.

Once the officer began her investigation, she learned there was a surveillance video recording of the suspect committing the theft. After completing her investigation at the residence, the officer resumed her normal patrol duties.

Several hours later, Blanca Alvarado, who is a 40 year-old resident of Azusa, was walking in the area of McKinley Street and Pasadena Avenue. The officer who had taken the original theft report passed by Alvarado, and saw she was the same suspect depicted in the video stealing the packages. The officer stopped and detained Alvarado, who was in possession of more packages.

The officer resumed her investigation into Alvarado's activities and found the packages she was in possession of were in fact all stolen. Alvarado was arrested for violation of section 496 PC - Possession of Stolen Property, and will be additionally charged for violation of section 484 PC - Petty Theft.

Help Us Help You

Recently, many of you may have seen a news video where a female theft suspect was recorded by the homeowner leaving his property in Alhambra, with his packages. The video was posted on numerous social media platforms, to include our own Facebook page. As you can see, video recordings allow us to see who committed the crime, as well as how the crime actually occurred.

This particular crime involving Alvarado was also posted on social media by others, which is another form of helping law enforcement find criminals.

Security cameras are relatively inexpensive, and when installed correctly, can aid law enforcement tremendously in solving crimes. If you do plan on purchasing and installing a camera, here are some tips:

  • Purchase a known brand as opposed to a low-grade, inexpensive camera
  • Install the camera at a level where people and vehicles can be identified, as opposed to looking down or from a distance
  • Make sure the recordings are stored in "the cloud" or a remote location. In the event the camera is stolen, the recording will be safe
  • After installing the camera, test it in various conditions of lighting; Day, dusk, night, cloudy, etc.

Although the department does not endorse any particular brand of camera, one particular company is working with residents in the Azusa area to help with their neighborhood watch efforts. To view and download more information, click here.

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Neighborhood watch is a program which brings neighbors together to coordinate their efforts to help keep their neighborhoods safe and secure. Establishing a program in your area is simple and can help in reducing crime. For more information, please contact your Service Area Commander for your area by clicking here


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