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Latest Update From The Azusa PD On The Colby Fire

Latest Update From The Azusa PD On The Colby Fire

Here is the latest information from our Emergency Operations Center at the Azusa Police Department

The residential neighborhoods north of Sierra Madre Avenue and east of Azusa Avenue have been evacuated, as well as the Mirador housing tract and the Crystal Canyon Condominium Complex. This evacuation is still in effect as long as there is danger to lives or property. We know you are anxious to return home, however, we can not allow this to happen right now. Please be assured we have a large contingency of law enforcement personnel patrolling the area both in vehicles and on foot.

As of right now, the winds are calm, however, this does not mean they can't pick up.

There is still fire burning on the backside of the hill closest to the city, immediately above the evacuated area. It is an active fire and firefighters are working hard to control the fire. It is about 30 % contained at this time.

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Colby Fire Update For Saturday, January 18
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