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  1. Andy
  2. Police Services
  3. Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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Kids are always jumping the fences of the Rosedale pools; specifically the pool on Azusa Veterans and Barberry. I and other neighbors have called Azusa PD multiple times, but the police never seems to arrive. These kids are getting I seen around 8 walking towards the pool with 2 already in the Jacuzzi. You don’t have to arrest all these trespassers, but it would be nice if you attempt to deter them from returning. I have tried kicking them out myself, but they’ll leave and just re-jump the fence when I go back home.

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Hello Andy!Sorrry for the late response to your question. We experienced a slight glitch in our software and are getting caught up!

First, we apologize if you have not seen our officers arriving on scene when you or the other neighbors call. One of the great things of living in our community is the fact we respond to all calls for service, except when prolonged emergency calls exist. For example, on the day you called, there may have been an emergency we were handling for several hours. If we check with our communications center, and are told there have been no additional calls regarding your complaint, then a supervisor may opt to divert officers to higher priority calls which may be holding. If this happens in the future, please don't hesitate to call us on the non-emergency line at (626) 812-3200.

Second, we don't have the legal authority to enforce certain laws on private property, unless a representative from the property is willing to complete a private person's arrest. For example, a police officer can not simply walk onto someone's private property and arrest a person standing on the property. We would have to have the property owner making the arrest, and then we would detain and transport that person to jail.

To solve this issue, the concept of using private security companies often works well. The security officers act not only as a deterrent, but can act on behalf of the property management company and/or association, and make arrests for trespassing.

I hope that helps. Again, sorry for the late response!

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