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  1. Greg Wilburn
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  3. Friday, April 25, 2014
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I have a few questions as to the necessity of local university Campus Safety's employment of Students, especially in regards to the program at Azusa Pacific University. Any answers you can provide will help for my journal article.

1) Whyis it impotant to havea Campus Safety program at the university?

2) Should students be hired over hiring professionals?

3) Couldn't the police force monitor the campus instead of the students?

4) So students receive the appropriate amount of training tha will actualy keep the campus safe?

5) Financially, would not having a safety program at the university save it a lot of money if we were to hire police officers instead?

Thank you for you cooperation and I am graeful for any help you can give.

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Hi Greg,

The Department of Campus Safety is part of the Azusa Pacific University, and is not an entity of the Azusa Police Department. We do not oversee any of their policies, procedures, hiring, etc. You can call them at (626) 815-3898 and find out the point of contact to send your questions to.

Although I am the officer assigned to the university, I do not have any involvement in their business operations.

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