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  1. Valerie Strauss
  2. Traffic
  3. Friday, September 18, 2015
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I couple of weeks ago I was southbound coming down from Azusa Cyn approaching Sierra Madre when I see a car coming No. on the southbound 1 way side! I started honking my horn and trying to get to the right as far as I could. It took more than a few seconds for him to notice me and slow to his right. We passed safely and I saw him turn into the northbound side. I couldn't figure out how someone could possibly mess up like this till I realized that he must have been coming out the west side of the mini mart lot. This is the one side of that lot or the surrounding street that you can not see the one way traffic signs. I am up at Rainbow Cyn everyday for almost 20 yrs and thankfully this is the first time I've had this happen although I have seen people start to turn south from the east side of the mini mall and quickly realize their mistake.The signs on that side aren't perfectly for visible exiiting but why they are non-existant on the other side is something that needs to be addressed. Thanks for all the great work you do in keeping us safe!

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Hello Valerie,

We will forward this information to our traffic officers for their review and investigation, if necessary. Thanks for reaching out to us!

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