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  1. Ashley
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  3. Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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I have a neighbor who continues to harass usabout our dogs barking at him when he is near our front yard or when people walk by. We let our dogs out at around 7:30amwhile we are getting ready for work and they remain inside for the rest of the day until the evening when we take them on a walk. Our neighbor is continuously banging on our door and screaming at us (I am currently 5 months pregnant) and yelling profanities at our dogs for simply doing what dogs do, bark at strangers. The community is filled with dogs who bark but one of our dogs is a larger dog and his bark is louder and heartier than the smaller dogs. No one else has complained about our dogs and I am tired of him threatening to report us. We aren't doing anything wrong he's just a miserable, rude, and unreasonable man. What are the noise hours in Azusa? Is there a way to report his harassment to have on file? I don't want something to our dogs or our property. What are our rights as dog owners?

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Hello Ashley,

Dogs are going to bark and I fully understand you letting the dogs out in the morning to take care of their duty before staying inside all day. There are no noise hours, which is an old "wives tale." Anyone can call the police at anytime when their peace is disturbed, and if prosecution is desired, an arrest can be made by that person.

My suggestion would be to purchase a video surveillance camera which records both audio and video, and position it towards the yard. This way, you can have evidence that your dogs are not a nuisance, and are simply doing their duty when strangers approach.

Check out our page about dogs at learn more about barking and how to contact animal control.

Thank you for reaching out to us.

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