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Man Arrested by Azusa Police for Stabbing His Father

Man Arrested by Azusa Police for Stabbing His Father

On May 24, 2016 at about 6:20 pm, officers from the Azusa Police Department were dispatched to a home in the 300 block of S. Scott Avenue in regards to a 60 year-old male who had been stabbed in the head.

As the officers arrived, they were told the victim was seriously injured, and the man who stabbed him was still inside the home, armed with a knife. The dispatchers, who were updating the officers, could hear there were other people inside the home with the assailant, and some type of disturbance was continuing.

Out of concern for the safety of those inside the home, officers immediately entered through the front door and confronted 36 year-old Marlon Juarez, who was standing just inside the door with the knife in his hand raised above his head. He quickly dropped the knife when confronted by officers and was safely detained.

Officers learned Marlon Juarez is the son of the victim, and the knife attack was the end result of a heated verbal argument. The victim sustained serious, but not life threatening, stab wounds to his head and shoulder. He was transported via helicopter to a local hospital.

Marlon Juarez was booked for violation of section 664/187 of the penal code, which is attempted murder. He is being held on one million dollar bail. 

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