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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Get My Property Returned To Me?

A person seeking to claim items must always be able to establish that they are the legal owner of the property, whether those items are being held for evidence or found property. Safekeeping items shall always be returned to the person that was originally in possession of the property. A valid photo identification must always be presented when claiming any property.Property is considered anything which is not evidence.  Items which have been retained by the police department for safe keeping, or found items, are considered property.

You can call (626) 812-3200 and schedule an appointment to retrieve your property.

What Are The Hours Of The Property Room?

Walk-in, non-appointment hours are on Mondays from 7 am to 10 am, and individuals will be helped on a first come basis.  Appointments are required for persons seeking to claim property at all other times and will be scheduled between the hours of 12 pm thru 3:30 pm on Mondays and 7 am thru 3:30 pm Tuesday thru Thursday, unless unique circumstances arise.  NOTE:  An appointment must be scheduled if a person is seeking to claim money or a firearm. 

I Need To Pick Up Property Belonging To A Friend/Relative. How Do I Do That?

The only way for a friend/relative to pick up property for an inmate is to have a signed LA County inmate property release authorization (blue form), obtain a notorized letter from property owner releasing property to friend/relative, or be able to provide power of attorney over an inmate.

When Do You Destroy Firearms?

Unclaimed firearms may be destroyed after 180 days pursuant to penal code section 33875.  If an owner is in the process of obtaining a release from the Firearms Bureau of California, Department of Justice, additional time will be granted.

What Happens To Unclaimed Property?

Any property which is unclaimed after 60 days (safe keeping and evidence) or 90 days (found property) will be turned over to a compnay called "The Property Room, which is an auction house for property.

Go To The Property Room's Website

How Do I Get My Firearms Returned To Me?

A firearm must be registered in the name of the person seeking to claim the firearm.  If the firearm was purchased or obtained prior to it be registered with the CA DOJ, a Firearm Ownership Report must be completed with the Firearms Bureau of CA DOJ and legal ownership must be verified by the Azusa Police Department.  Additionally, a Law Enforcement Gun Release Application must be completed through the Firearms Bureau of CA DOJ pursuant to Penal Code Section 33850(a).  If you need clarification or additional info, please contact the property room. 

How Long Do You Keep Evidence?

Once a case has been adjudicated, the owner of the evidence has 60 days to retrieve the items, after a notice has been sent to the owner.

How Long Do You Keep Property?

We will keep items which have been retained by the police department for safe keeping for 60 days after notice has been sent to the owner requesting they retrieve the property.

If the item was found by an officer or turned into the police department, we will retain the item for 90 days after notice has been sent to the owner requesting they retrieve the property.

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