Our Training Program

The department's training program quadruples the state-mandated requirements for police officers. 

What's The Minimum Requirement?

The California Commission On Peace Officers Standards And Training ("POST") regulates the training and certification of police officers in the state of California. Currently (08/2013), the minimum state requirements specify a peace officer trainee will have 664 hours of training at an approved academy, prior to becoming a police officer.

Our department uses the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Academy and the Orange County Sheriff's Academy to train our police officer trainees.  We have selected these particular academies due to the commitment to stress-induced training, and their superior physical fitness and academic requirements. The training our trainees receive in the academy is in excess of 980 hours, which is well above the state's requirement.

For our current officers, they are required to have 24 hours of refresher training every 2 years, per state legislation. However, Azusa Police Officers average 100 hours of training every 2 years. That's 4 times the minimum!

Why Our Training Exceeds The State

Our administrators recognize the importance of training.  Police officers encounter stressful situations on a daily basis.  There is no crystal ball to tell a police officer when a critical incident is about to happen, and therefore, does not afford him or her immediate preparedness for the incident.  Research indicates a person, regardless of their profession, relies on what they know when a high stress incident occurs. People "perform like they practice."

Our community expects the best police officers protecting them. This can only be accomplished thru excellent training, personnel, and benefits. By maintaining a high expectation, we provide a high performance police officer for Azusa. 

Weapons Training

Of the mandated minimum training hours required by the state, 4 of those hours are to be in the use of weapons.  Our department provides for 22 hours of weapons training, per year.  This includes training in topics such as:

  • "Shoot / Don't Shoot" Training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Weapon Malfunction Training
  • Handgun, Rifle and Sub-machinegun Training
  • Off-Duty Training

Force Training

Police officers are constantly encountering individuals who want to resist, fight or obstruct a police officer's ability to safely complete his job.  Our police officers frequently train in arrest control techniques which provides for less injury to the suspects and officers, when encountering situations requiring the use of "hands-on" applications.

The department's force train is known the world over, for their constant review, updating, and commitment to the force training community. In fact, the department has been recognized by the Krav Maga system of self-defense for contributing to their style of fighting.

Vehicle Training

Unfortunately, more police officers are killed in motor vehicle accidents than in any other type of incident. It could be argued that because a police officer's office is his patrol car, the probability of having accidents is higher for officers.  

We also know countless innocent people are killed each year because of suspects who are fleeing from police officers.  Whether they are on a motorcycle or in a car, having a few warrants or just committed a shooting, suspects place the community at risk when they flee from the police.

Our officers go to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department's Emergency Vehicle Operations Center every 2 years to receive 8 hours of refresher training on effective pursuit and emergency response techniques. Although not as exciting, this class also focuses on the basics, like accident avoidance and slow speed driving and parking maneuvers.

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